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Kim keaveny


What People Say

It is my privilege to share how Kimmy has impacted my life and that of my children. Her passion to challenge her friends to improve on their life's perspective and become an influence to others in a positive way has motivated me in many aspects of my life. Whether encouraging my parenting style or just building my confidence, Kim has always motivated me to keep learning and reaching for a higher place. Her friendship is priceless, and I value it greatly. Her thirst for knowledge and self-improvement has always been the motivator to not only just impact her life and her families, but to reach farther out and influence others to be achievers, conquerors, leaders, and people of value. Kim's life is built around serving others, which brings her true fulfillment and glory to God. Kimmy is a powerhouse of energy and encouragement. She has always been an inspiring person whose energy is contagious. She is filled with great concepts of leadership and self-improvement tactics that everyone can benefit from no matter what age or social status.
- Cathy Vargas
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