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Kim Keaveny

Hairapist transformed into a Strategic Life Coach through Tony Robbins (Robbins/ Madonnas training) & John Maxwell Business & Coaching Program

Everything in life is about strategy if you could learn how to strategize your life with rapid results to find true joy, freedom, and happiness that’s what we all want in life with sometimes there’s so much pain and trauma that blocks our happiness, and we’re unfulfilled in life instead of fulfilled the way we actually intended life to be.

I believe in the power of desire, backed by faith, to produce an incredible power that will lift men out of lowly places, create new beginnings and higher levels of thinking, and bring men to places of power and wealth.


It’s my job to help you learn to tap into this greater power that lives inside of you and help you to change the voices in your head so you can create the reality you desire.

A Bit About Me

As a hairstylist, I had always been a therapist in the chair cutting hair and it always made me feel elevated from helping people look and feel their best. But over time, I began to realize that my impact could go beyond just their physical appearance.


I started to see that many of my clients were dealing with deeper issues related to their self-confidence, relationships, and career goals.

That's when I decided to make the transition to becoming a life coach. I wanted to use my skills and experience to help people not just look good, but to truly thrive in all aspects of their lives. I pursued a certification program in coaching and began to build my practice, working with clients one-on-one, in small groups, mastermind groups, and business coaching.

The transition wasn't always easy. I had to learn new skills, like active listening and powerful questioning, and I had to let go of some of the routines and rituals that had defined my life as a hairstylist. But ultimately, the change has been incredibly rewarding. I am fortunate enough to receive training under the esteemed leadership expert John Maxwell and my time spent training under him has given me a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to help individuals and teams reach their full potential. As a result, I have become a skilled and experienced leader, coach, and mentor who is committed to helping others unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. I now feel like I'm making a real difference in people's lives, tap into their inner strength and develop a winning strategy for the game of their lives.

Looking back, I realize that my journey from hairstylist to a strategic life coach was really just a natural evolution of my passion for helping people because strategies always work, it gives them quicker results. While the tools and techniques I use may have changed, my ultimate goal remains the same: to empower my clients to become their best selves, both inside and out

Becoming a Hairapist

After going through what felt like a tsunami of childhood, I was in my early adulthood and had to learn a new identity. I found this new identity through God, my Lord, and through hair. I had always dreamed of being a teacher or a hairstylist. My dreams came true when I became a passionate hairstylist. It gave me hope and direction, it helped me learn that I was enough!

I am a hair dreamer. To me, hair is a unique and beautiful art piece custom to each individual. I love being able to give options and bring in new ideas. I consider myself to be a “Hair Picasso”, dreaming up a masterpiece and then
creating it. I found my greatest gift in finding what looks best on each individual. Most people struggle to make certain decisions, especially when it comes to their hair. My job is to fix that by helping them find a great solution.

Being a hairdresser I somewhat already become a coach to my clients by helping them to solve problems and listening to their needs. It feels good to help people go from good to great, not only on the outside but on the inside as well. It’s one of the greatest careers ever, to be able to connect with people and make them feel good about themselves.

salon story

The foundational stones of the salon are warmth, compassion, and love. At Modern Tekniques we treat our clients like family, always making sure they leave feeling fully content and renewed by our amazing hair care professionals.

As a family-based business, I am honored to have my talented daughter working alongside me and following in my footsteps. In my 30+ years in the industry being able to mentor and inspire my daughter among many other young salon professionals has been my greatest blessing in many ways. As their leader, it is my job to provide a strong and sturdy foundation of roots for them to grow, learn, and blossom.

The combined strengths and skills that are on high display at Modern Tekniques have formed a culture and vibe that is immediately apparent to all who enter our beautiful salon. Our wonderful atmosphere and amazing team spirit thrives on team work, integrity, and customers that become family.

Kim's Inspiration

John maxwell

He has helped me to develop myself to higher heights and newer levels of empowerment and courage by teaching me to maximize my
strengths and my potential. He has taught me how to believe in myself in a way that I never knew before. I always knew that God
loved me but I just never loved myself in that way. Through John
Maxwell‘s teachings, I have learned that I needed to first believe in myself and do the work I needed to do within myself. Thanks to John
Maxwell I now truly believe that I’m a winner and I love helping other people become winners. Every person is truly a winner, you just have to help them see it for themselves.

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