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Build your business, grow your mindset, and increase value in your team and yourself.

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Call Coach Kimmy

I’d love to hear all about you and the challenges you’re facing.

(I’ve probably been exactly where you are!) Let’s talk so I can guide you towards your best options of development (Skillset & Mindset).


Lead a Successful Team/Business/Career

Success in business means personal growth, a fulfilling career and financial reward. Your development as a salon owner/ manager/ hairdresser means you and your team will experience all of the above!


Commit to a Development Path

Wherever you’re at in your journey, there is a coaching option that will suit your budget and your goals.


Salon Success Starts Here...

Let's explore together if you are a right fit for our signature program to grow your business or career exponentially, without sacrificing your life

Imagine what your life would feel like...


I’ve been where you are. Tired. Frustrated. Worried that I’d never figure out how to run a salon that makes money or the right skillset to have more clientele. Wondering if I have what it takes. Entertaining thoughts of calling it quits.

Decades later, I help new and experienced Salon owners and hairdressers with result-oriented coaching. We tend to overcomplicate situations and over-simplify people. I help them simplify processes and understand people. Get those two things right, and successes come quicker easier.


I made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. I’d love to hear about you and your challenges. Start with a free phone consultation with just one call, pull back some of the curtains you may have kept shut for a while and pour the light onto the things that are going to move the dial for you as you prepare yourself to take your next big step up.


Big Question Time...


One of the many reasons why so many people in salon industry don't step into their potential is because they carry a belief that real success isn't for them to have.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your life would actually look like if you genuinely had somebody in your corner who you could openly talk to about things like your big vision, your strategic next steps or your big business challenges that keep knocking you back? Somebody who wouldn't judge you because they too have walked the path, battled the battles and understand the hurdles that exist on the track towards success?

If you haven't - then it's the time, my friend. You, are not alone - even though I know that sometimes it feels like you are. If I'm being honest, it really doesn't seem like too long ago that in my own salon business I was working my heart out, giving everything... being a mother, being a wife, being an owner and a hairstylist - and somehow not being able to push through the low-income 4-figure months. I didn't get it. I was frustrated, I was confused, I was exhausted and many times I felt alone. I wondered if I was good enough.

Fast-forward and I can proudly say that I am now abundantly enjoying 12 consistent years at 7 figures annually in my business. The difference? I got help. But not just any help, I got the right help, with the right mentors, who gave me the right blueprint for where I was at that moment in time, and from that, I was able to transform my entire salon's business - but best of all, I was able to transform my life. Getting help changed everything.

My invitation to you is to take me up on a complimentary consultation session by clicking on the button below. It might just be the best conversation you've had in a long while.


You're overwhelmed and lacking a bit of clarity. This is normal. There comes a time for most salon owners, hairstylists and managers  when going that one step further seems that one step too far. Like that next level has a barrier just a little too high to climb and you can't quite scale it. This feeling isn't a bad thing. This feeling is, in fact, a great thing. It usually means that you're getting the signal that it is time to break through!

If you've known for some time that a change is needed, then the next best step you can make now is registering for a Consultation Session. It's 100% free, private, 1-on-1 and designed to help you gain clarity on where your focus needs to go so that you can make your next great leap.

The Secrets of a Great Hairapist

This book was written to inspire and give hope to NEVER QUIT OR GIVE UP. 

It's light hearted, whimsical and funny!

I believe everyone would enjoy it & learn a lot of great lessons what not to do with hair.

This is for Hairstylists, Rising Stars ⭐️, Salon Owners and even Customers that wants to laugh at some good juicy, crazy, happy stories that happen in a chair. 

You or someone else you know might have experienced these stories in this book and you will be able to resonate with.

Simple Salon Solutions

Salon Success Made Simple is the roadmap to help you save resources, money, and even your sanity at times.

Whether you are an aspiring salon owner or a salon veteran with many years of experience, Salon Success Made Simple provides valuable information to avoid mistakes and improve processes … and profitability.

The Salon Success Made Simple Handbook was designed to help you with each piece of salon ownership. It is divided into the following overall categories: Employee Guidelines and Policies, Job Descriptions, Professional Development, and Client Relations.

Throughout the Handbook, you will find guidelines, policies, and forms that are flexible enough to model for your own circumstances and requirements. It’s really all about professionalism, consistency, and organization—and Salon Success Made Simple will help you achieve them all.



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