Having a Bad Hair Day? Challenging Life? Let's transform your day from bad to great. I've helped over 143,000 women and men overcome their Bad Days…

Oct 28, 2023
Having a Bad Hair Day? Challenging Life? Let's transform your day from bad to great. I've helped over 143,000 women and men overcome their Bad Days…



Hairstyling and life coaching has been the most rewarding and fulfilling job to me. One of my favorite quotes from John Maxwell is, “ success is when I add value to myself, significance is when I add value to other people”. It has made me feel more significant by overflowing and serving people.

Now I know why I experience joy and happiness about 95% of the time…It’s about touching many lives positively!



Let me tell you how…

You see, before becoming a life coach, I worked as a full-time hairstylist.

 As a hairstylist, my job is to give you a new look that reflects your personality and desired self-image. I always believe that I don't just cut your hair; I help you discover the beauty you never knew you had… 

A new look gives you confidence and makes you feel more attractive and comfortable in your own skin.

A look brings you joy, happiness, and freedom...sometimes within just 30 minutes.

Yes, that’s how good I am at it. 



But as time passed, I realized that, for many, it’s not just about the looks; it’s deeper than that. 

I’m not just changing your outer appearance here. I’m changing you from within. 

My clients say this to me all the time, “Kimmy, you are like a ‘therapist behind the chair’. You are a Hairapist!”

They are so right about that.


For all these years, I thought I was just fixing up their hair, giving them more beauty, uplifting their image, helping them look their best and feel more confident.

But, as my clients pointed out how I had helped them while styling their hair, I had an epiphany! 

I realized that when everything seems to go wrong in life, we all hide it under "a bad hair day". Don't we? 



What if we don't have to do that anymore? What if there is a permanent fix better choice? Powerful tools for that? Would people love it?

And then I started looking at things in a completely different way.

For so many years, women opened up to me, cried their hearts out, and showed me their emotional wounds.

I listened to them and gave them the courage to face their lives.

I helped them fix their broken relationships, their health issues, and even their finances at times.

They are all happy and satisfied now, living their best lives with gratitude. 

This fills up my heart!




This is when I began to pursue a career in life coaching. I wanted to learn the skills to help people turn their lives around by helping them identify and achieve their personal and professional goals, gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and develop strategies to create the life they desire.

As a life coach, I help you discover the hidden potential you never believed you had.

Looking at the whole journey so far, I believe that if hairstyling is turning your hair into a work of art, then life coaching is crafting a masterpiece out of your life. Don’t you agree?



If I can make your hair your “crowning glory” with my hairstyling skills, then I can help you become the king or queen of your life with my life coaching experience.

I know I can do this because when I work as a certified life coach now, I bring my 27 years of “experience in the chair” to my coaching.

That's what you get when you work with me through my powerful course

"A Complete Emotional Breakthrough"



In this program, I am here to help you learn the tools and techniques that will empower you to take control of your life and lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Together, we will work on developing strategies and setting achievable goals that will help you realize your full potential and live the life you truly desire.

To learn more about this life-changing course, just click here: https://coach-kimmy.mykajabi.com/course-unleashing-the-power-within-for-emotional-healing 


Please share this post with your friends or someone you think needs healing. Because, as you know, sharing is caring. A small act of kindness goes a long way.

Kind Regards, 

Coach Kimmy



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